DCC Monoblock


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Made from 10XX steel, the Monoblock is the toughest and most reliable clip in this style on the market today. The under-hook design has a built-in progressive strain relief. If the under-hook is subject to a large amount of force, the strain relief coupled with uniform hardness will gradually bend while continuing to hold instead of just hitting its limit and breaking.

Care and maintenance

The surface finish of the clip does not need much attention. If any light scratches or wear marks develop, we recommend a quick yet firm buff with typical gun lube, but anything like WD40, mineral oil, or motor oil will work well. Just put a couple of drops on your clip and rub it in vigorously using firm pressure with a lint-free cloth. This will cosmetically keep your DCC clip looking its best.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1- Monoblock clip
  • 2- Rubber washers


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