Our mission at Element Holster Co. is to supply everyday Americans with the best available “Gear For Your Environment.”


We believe all human beings are created in the image of God, giving all mankind dignity and value. With this, we also believe we live in a fallen world and it is the God-given right and duty of mankind to defend and protect life. From this, we are granted our God-given 2A right. We believe people should be sane, moral, and prudent with the rights God has given us.

We believe that individuals who take up arms have the responsibility to be proficient in the use of them. If you are new in the shooting world, we encourage you to seek quality professional help, whether it be in a class setting or a local monthly practical shooting club match. From new to advanced shooters, we strongly encourage being involved in practical shooting sports. Seek out a Practiscore club match here.

At Element Holster Co.

  • We are advocates for our American Constitutional rights.
  • We are serious about protecting life.
  • We want to inspire people to reach their full potential in all they do. 
  • We believe in building strong communities in what we do and around where we live.
  • We believe in service and integrity at its utmost to the glory of God alone.